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What is a Body Rocks qualification?
Body Rocks is the practical component of both the Level 1 & Level 2 “Assisting in Health Related Activity Sessions” and “Leading Health Related Activity Sessions”.

Who is the Examination Board?
Active IQ:

How long are the courses?
Because our courses are devised for young people with specific needs, we advise a minimum of 80 hours for Level 1 and a minimum of 150 hours for Level 2 but individuals may require more at the discretion of the intructors.

Is extra academic assistance available for students requiring help with basic literacy skills?
Each student is assigned a personal tutor who will advise and give extra assistance.

How are the students assessed?
There are 3 stages; worksheets, theory and practical assessments.

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Body Rocks


We offer the following programmes:

Body Rocks Life Skills
The Body Rocks Life Skills Programme provides a creative, physical activity curriculum with social skills for pupils in Years 9, 10 & 11 who find it hard to learn in a traditional school environment, pupils either on the cusp of exclusion or permanently excluded, young people from pupil referral units and/or in the youth justice system.

We run a rolling 2 half day a week programme that pupils can commence at any time plus a 4 week course for 3 days a week.

Body Rocks Level 1 & Level 2
The Body Rocks Level 1 & Level 2 Qualification Course is offered to 15 – 21 year olds who want to study our Active IQ Level 1 “Assisting in Health Related Activity Sessions” or Level 2 “Leading Health Related Activity sessions”. We have 100% pass rate in both qualifications and are able to support pupils with extra academic assistance. Further information is available on our Body Rocks page.

Body Rocks Life Skills Training Programme
The Body Rocks Life Skills Training Programme is for young people who have achieved their Level 2 Body Rocks teaching qualification and who want to assist in helping other young people turn their lives around. They are engaged by Creativity in Sport to help instruct and peer mentor the next intake of course participants on the Life Skills programme. These young people are invaluable members of the Body Rocks team, making immense contributions to the positive changes they help bring about in changing negative disruptive and disengaged behaviour, as well as inspiring aspiration and achievement.