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Welcome to Creativity in Sport

Since 2012, we have been working in partnership with twelve primary schools in the delivery of our "Learn on the Move" programmes that enable pupils to be active in the classroom so activity becomes a "whole day" affair.

Our approach is to motivate and engage pupils in acquiring and achieving knowledge by using their bodies; they experience learning literacy, numeracy and associated topics by their own physical interpretation.

The classes unwittingly achieve academically and the least enthusiastic pupils eagerly respond and quickly progress with the wealth of physical activities. There are also numerous P.E. games available that are allied to the classroom programmes.

We have two programmes that follow and support the National Curriculum. Joggy Bear Education for Early Learning Years and Key Stage 1 and Lizzie's Fast Track Learn on the Move for Key Stage 2.

A two year evaluation of the impact of our programmes is currently in place with education psychologists and neuro education psychologists at Oxford Brookes University and will be completed in July 2018.

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